How to contact us?


In order to gain access to one of the non-human FACS systems, please contact us via email at When contacting us, please indicate:

  • your name
  • your affiliation (Univsersity, company, professional activity...)
  • your interest in the system (research, project, personal interest...)
  • which system you are interested in (please send one email per system with the name of system also in the object of the email)

We will then provide you with the required ID and password to dowload the system.

Please note that we charge an administration fee for access to the DogFACS manual, which covers our costs of administering and marking the DogFACS test. We charge reduced fees for students and academics wanting to use the system for scientific purposes. Click here to access the online store and the DogFACS manual.


If and when you feel ready to take the test to become a certified FACS coder in one of the non-hum FACS systems, please contact us to receive the ID and password to access the test.

Feel free to review the test clips with the manuals - this is not a test in the exam sense, but rather it should replicate how you will code in real life. Remember that you will be marked down for putting codes that are not present as much as for missing out codes. Please put your scores into the sheet provided with the clips and send it back once you are happy with your coding. 

If for some reason you don't pass you will receive some feedback and you can try again. You can repeat the test as many times as you need.

If you encounter any technical difficulties or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We will try to answer as quickly as we can, although please be aware that we have a number of other commitments so we may not be able to get to it straight away! The usual response time is 7 working days.

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